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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Guardian Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides: Who's Who?

Yesterday on The Angels Monday Radio Show, we talked about Guardian Angels and Archangels and how we may perceive the differences between the two. It was an interesting discussion. I got so into talking about Archangels and Guardian Angels, it was like my mouth couldn't keep up with my thought process!

We also took some fascinating calls! I am thrilled that we have created a loving place where everyone can share and explore their own angelic and spiritual experiences on this show!

You can listen below if you missed it. The Angels Monday Show airs live every Monday at 4PM EST on BlogTalkRadio on Rainbow Psychics Radio Network.

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Rainbow Psychics Radio on BlogTalkRadio

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Listen to "There's a Rock For That!"

In case you missed my new radio show, "There's A Rock For That!" on blogtalkradio.com. I've posted the first two episodes below.

On the premiere episode I talked about Amethyst crystals and the folklore and healing properties associated with them.

Find Additional Spirituality Podcasts with Rainbow Psychics Radio on BlogTalkRadio

On last week's episode I reviewed "The Crystal Wisdom Oracle" by Judy Hall. Carnelian was the featured "Crystal Guest" on this episode.

Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Rainbow Psychics Radio on BlogTalkRadio

I hope you enjoy the shows. If there's a favorite crystal of yours that you would like me to explore on the show, please let me know and I'd be happy to do so!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

There's a Rock for That!

I'm excited to announce that I will be hosting a new radio show on Rainbow Psychics Radio! The show is called "There's a Rock For That!

Whether for decoration, meditation, self-exploration or divination, I have found that there is "a rock for that." I love having crystals and stones around me in my office, my house, my pocket and throughout my day. I have used them to assist with health issues and for overall wellness too. 

There are so many books, resources, and theories when it comes to working with crystals, gemstones and rocks. You read one book and think you have a handle on it, until you pick up another which teaches an entirely different approach. For me, experience is the best teacher of all. That's why I'm excited to do this show where I can share what I have discovered and learn from others too. My hope is that through the show's chatroom and calls to the show, we can exchange ideas and explore the vast and wonderful world of rocks together! 

The first episode of the show will air live on Rainbow Psychics Radio on blogtalkradio.com March 20th at 4PM EST. I hope to see you there!