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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Readings Galore

I am so happy to be able to offer a variety of readings to my clients. To those who would like to book a reading with me, here are some helpful tips so that you can get the type of reading you're looking for.

If you're not sure how long you want your reading to last, then a per minute reading may be preferable. I am available on Keen.com for those type of readings. On Keen I offer Tarot Readings and Combination Tarot and Oracle Readings. You can get those readings by clicking on the "Call Buttons" located on the left side of this website or by going to my listings on Keen.com

For a Tarot Reading the link is http://www.keen.com/details/Tarotdactyl/Tarot-Readers/10810317

For a Combination Tarot and Oracle Card Reading the link is http://www.keen.com/details/Tarotdactyl/Otherworld-Connections/10876316

If you would prefer to book a reading for a specific block of time. I offer 15, 30, 45, and 60 minute long readings through my group page on The Tarot Guild. You can book those readings by going to http://www.tarotguild.com/group/tarotdactyl.

If you want a reading where everything is written down so you can refer to it. I also offer email readings through my group at the Tarot Guild as well. With an email reading you will get not only a written version of your reading, but I will include pictures of the spread and cards that come up too.

So those are the formats of the readings I offer. Now let's talk a little about content. It's really important that you have in mind what you want to learn through your reading. Believe it or not, many people just want a general reading and don't really have anything specific in mind. They just want to see "what comes up." I'm happy to do a general reading and often when I do really important and specific messages come through. It is best though to at least give me a general topic like finances, career, or love life for your general reading. However, the thing you should know about Tarot is that the more specific your question is, the more specific your answer will be. So much of what happens in a Tarot reading has to do with the question that is asked and how it is asked. That is one of the reasons that I fell in love with Tarot. I could ask a specific question and get a specific answer! To me, that's when Tarot is at its best. When someone asks me a flat yes or no question, I prefer to use my crystal pendulum for their answer because, to me, it's the best tool for those types of questions. The Tarot likes to delve deeper into the question and tell you about the energies that surround a situation rather than just give you a yay or nay. So rather than booking a reading and then asking "Is ____ going to happen," ask "What if ____ happens, or What can I expect from _______?" Those are just examples of course. I do have a few clients who love to brainstorm during their readings about projects they are working on. Sometimes even I'm amazed at the truly wonderful ideas that a Tarot reading can provide when used in this manner. I've helped clients come up with ideas for creative projects like movies and books as well as fresh ideas for automotive and design projects!

But, probably more than anything else, I'm asked to do readings on someone's love life. Now, personally, I am a romantic at heart. And I love to help people in that department. In fact, I have two specific decks I use for relationship readings -- The Goddess Tarot and The Romance Angels Oracle - they have been fantastically accurate for these types of readings. But, I have to say, if you are in a relationship with someone and you are not certain as to where things stand, the very first thing you should do BEFORE getting a Tarot reading is TALK TO YOUR PARTNER! Honestly, I can't say it enough. Without fail, if someone books a reading with me and asks me about their relationship with someone and they haven't been communicating with that person -- the very first thing that comes up in the cards is "Communication". So save your money and sit down and talk first. Then, if you still have questions, book a reading.

Also... this can't be said enough either -- that if you are worried about a health or legal issue, the first person you should be booking time with is the appropriate licensed professional.

Okay, I'm getting off my soapbox now. I hope I've given you enough helpful tips so that you can get the kind of reading that you will get the most out of.

Stay Tuned for more!

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  1. Tarot card reading is such a fascinating field of interest that I just can't stop reading about it! Thanks for the resources you shared. ;)