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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tarot Dactyl's Unicorn Spread

Had so much fun teaching a class on Unicorns for the Tarot Guild. Here's my Unicorn Spread. Would love to hear back from anyone who decides to work with it!

Here are what the positions of the cards represent:
Card 1 - Left Leg - You
Card 2 - Right Leg - The Situation
Card 3 - The Rump - Root of the Problem (Root Chakra area)
Card 4 - The Groin - Present Energies Affecting the Situation (Sacral Chakra area)
Card 5 - The Belly - Your Source of Strength/How you are handling the situation (Solar Plexus area)
Card 6 - The Chest - Energy of Emotions affecting situation (Heart Chakra)
Card 7 - The Neck -- What Needs to be Expressed (Throat Chakra)
Card 8 - The Head - Thoughts and mental energy affecting situation
Card 9 - The Face (Slightly Below the head and to the right) - What can't be avoided/or must be faced
Card 10 - The Base of the Horn -Outgrowth of Situation/Outcome/How you can Grow Out of this Situation
Card 11 - Tip of Horn - Magical Cure/What will Benefit You in This Situation

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