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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Archangels, Attitudes and A Lot of Questions

I've been thinking about the way in which our angels communicate with us. What's their attitude? What can the tone of the communication reveal to us about ourselves?

Are they abrupt? Are they gentle? Are the signs direct? Are you being hit over the head with the message? If it's true that angels communicate in the way that best fits us, is there an extra message for us in their tone? Could something sync up with possible patterns in our lives?

For example, if the message we receive has an abrupt nature, can we then review our past and see life-changing moments which happened abruptly? If so, what does it tell us? Does that show a need that we have for suddenness or surprise? And, if a need indicates a lack, does it tell us something about our relationship to slowness or patience? And, can we benefit from examining how things motivate us? When I think of abrupt or sudden lightning bolt messages, Archangel Gabriel comes to mind.

What if the communication has a gentle tone? Do we have a need to receive news gently for the message to get through to us? May it suggest something to us about our relationship to harshness -- could there be an underlying harshness that's been part of our lives and should we examine its effect on us? Could that tell us that we may have a hard shell with a gooey center? When I think of gentle messages, Archangel Raphael comes to mind.

If the message is direct and sort of "just the facts, jack," does that indicate our need for directness? May that reveal something about the presence of vagueness in our lives. May we then discover some significance in the mists or patterns of uncertainty in our lives? And from that, can we feel bolstered by our ability to fly blind and land safely, despite how bumpy the ride? When I think of direct, matter-of-fact messages, Archangel Uriel comes to mind.

What about those messages that are very in-your face, that can feel like we've been smacked in the head with a frying pan? I was told about one of those by someone very near and dear to me. This person is an alcoholic. He has been sober for years and continues to go to AA meetings regularly. But, one particular evening, for whatever reason, he decided to skip a meeting. So, instead, he stayed home and ended up watching a movie about a drug dealer. As he was watching the movie and the characters in the film were boozing it up and getting wasted, he started to question whether or not he had made the right choice that evening. About seven minutes after having that thought, his TV suddenly caught fire! You can bet, he took that as a sign from above! Knowing him as well as I do, I can tell you that this is a man who has quite a pattern of taking things to the limit and being extreme in his life. When he told me that story, I felt that it was Archangel Michael looking out for him and had answered his question in a way that would leave no doubt in his mind and encourage him to stay on track and make the best choices for himself.

I don't have all the answers to the questions I've posed in this post. And, I can't say that what rings true to me will have the same resonance for everyone. I still have much to learn about angels and their nature. But, I do hope that by sharing these thoughts that I've at least given some tasty food for thought.

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